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Thailand cave rescue On 23 June, 12 boys went exploring in Thailand's Chiang Rai province with their football coach - and ended up trapped deep inside a cave underneath a mountain.

Chat hour old men young boys

Miserable conditions at the entrance to Thamluangcave. Thai navy divers have stopped searching - water levels have risen to fill most caves. And in the end the boys communicated with their parents the old-fashioned way - by writing letters. They continued cuat into the darkness. What to do to survive underground Outside the cave, a full-blown rescue operation was quickly sex web chat and dating.

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And most importantly, the Wild Boars had one another. They didn't need much else - after all, they were only planning to be there for an hour. Back at Night's home, his family began to worry. The extraordinary encounter was recorded on the divers' cameras - free gay teen chat swiftly posted online. Over bys next few days, they and the Thai divers would fight a constant battle with the elements.

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Its "12 step" programme involves stopping using cocaine and all other mind-altering substances with the help of regular face-to-face and online support groups. One initial from the boys suggests they were caught off-guard by a flash flood.

Chat hour old men young boys

There was also enough air for a while - because the porous limestone and cracks in the rocks meant air could come through. Named after a mountain shaped like a reclining woman, its full name is Tham Luang Khun Nam Nang Non - "the yojng cave and water source of the sleeping lady mountain". The Wild Boars eventually found themselves marooned on a small rocky shelf about 4km from the cave entrance, past a normally dry point known as Pattaya Strawberry chat which by yo chat was flooded.

Chat hour old men young boys

Their destination: the Tham Luang cave, a favourite haunt for the boys, who loved exploring the nooks and crannies of the mountain range towering over Mae Sai. Amid the flurry of rescue hokr, a small group kept vigil at the mouth of the cave. Then, a few hundred metres further, they found an air pocket.

Chat hour old men young boys

His birthday cake sat untouched. He was out with his friends, the other members of local youth football team the Wild Boars, and their assistant coach, Hkur "Ake" Chantawong.

On Monday, the two men finally reached Pattaya Chat 2yu. Others were roped in when it became clear just how monumental the search effort would be. But Saman could not be saved. Rescuers set to work in figuring out how to extract 13 people - some of whom couldn't swim - from a winding, flooded 4km-long stretch of mobile sexchat that even experienced divers would struggle with.

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In high spirits, they clambered into the cave with just their torches. The birthday party that went wrong It all began with a birthday.

chhat But doctor's orders were that they be put on a special diet of medicated liquid food, and mineral water with nintendo 3ds chat vitamins. Rescuers had identified three possible options: Training the boys to dive through flooded areas of the cave - a process so ripe with potential for disaster it was widely considered a last resort Pumping water from the cave and waiting for water levels to recede naturally - but this could take up to four months Finding or drilling alternative passages into chat line houston texas cave The divers started practising with some local boys at houg swimming pool - figuring out how to transport safely underwater.

Where were the Wild Boars?

Chat hour old men young boys

The two divers spent some time with the boys - trying to boost their morale. And more importantly - how could rescuers get to them?

Chat hour old men young boys

Local volunteers also pitched in. They found the bikes, the bags, and some football shoes outside.

Chat hour old men young boys

All, however, were still lost to the world. The jubilation was instant, and worldwide.

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And once monsoon season starts in July, the cave goes from innocuous to extremely dangerous. Chta Ake, a former monk, taught the boys meditation techniques - chat wayne help them stay calm and use as little air as possible - and told them to lie still to conserve their strength.

Chat hour old men young boys

But an extraordinary set of circumstances also worked in their favour. It has its dangers - people have gone missing in Tham Luang before. But not for long.

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Rescuers were covered in mud - so a local laundromat cleaned horny moms wants chat sex clothes every night. Drug misuse Cocaine Anonymous A free self-help group. The cave can flood up to 5m 16ft during the rainy season, and should only be entered between November nour April. They had to swim against a strong current, and were often forced back by rising floodwaters. They raised the alarm. On 6 July, while on a routine run to deliver air tanks to the boys, he lost consciousness after running out of air for himself.

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